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Who We Are?

Our Mission

At Zonis Tours, our mission is to curate exceptional, eco-conscious safari adventures that celebrate the stunning biodiversity of Africa while championing sustainable wildlife conservancy and community development.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s leading safari experience provider, connecting people with nature, fostering conservation, and leaving a positive imprint on travelers and the environment.

How to Book a Safari in Kenya

Through responsible tourism, we aim to:

  1. Preserve Nature: Contribute to the preservation and protection of Africa’s diverse ecosystems, ensuring a sustainable future for its wildlife and natural wonders.

  2. Empower Communities: Collaborate with local communities to create economic opportunities and promote cultural exchange, fostering mutual respect and understanding.

  3. Educate and Inspire: Educate travelers about the importance of wildlife conservation, environmental stewardship, and ethical travel practices to inspire positive change.

  4. Deliver Unforgettable Experiences: Provide travelers with extraordinary, tailor-made safari experiences that immerse them in the beauty and wonder of Africa’s wildlife and landscapes.

  5. Pioneer Sustainability: Lead the travel industry by continuously innovating sustainable travel practices, minimizing our ecological footprint, and setting an example for responsible tourism.

  6. Forge Partnerships: Foster partnerships with wildlife conservation organizations, local NGOs, and governmental bodies to collectively work towards the protection of Africa’s natural heritage.

Our Core Values

Zonis Tours, aligned with its focus on conservation and sustainable tourism, has the following core values:

Zonis Tours is a distinguished travel company specializing in bespoke journeys across Africa and the world at large. As passionate stewards of the continent’s natural beauty and diverse cultures, we offer immersive safari experiences, cultural explorations, and sustainable adventures. 

With years of experience, a stellar reputation for responsible tourism, and a team of seasoned guides, we craft journeys that transcend ordinary travel. Our commitment to wildlife conservation, community empowerment, and ethical practices ensures that every adventure makes a positive impact. 

At Zonis Tours, we are your trusted partner in uncovering the hidden treasures, fostering connections, and creating indelible memories that define the essence of Africa.

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